Justin Theroux: 'Jennifer Aniston is my ally'

ICONINSIDER — Justin Theroux calls Jennifer Aniston his “ally”.
The 45-year-old screenwriter tied the knot with the 48-year-old actress in August 2015 and revealed that being married has made their relationship even better.
He told United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine: “Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small. You have an ally. It’s good to have someone have your back.”
And although Jennifer is happily settled in Los Angeles with his wife, he admitted that he was not a fan of the city when he was younger.
He said: “LA is a terrible place to go as a young actor who’s just got nothing. You’re, like, tearing tickets for people to see the movie. You’re not a part of anything. I got a really good piece of advice early on: Don’t ever fly yourself to LA. Only go if you’re invited and someone bought you a ticket. And I kind of stuck to that, and it worked.”
But speaking about his love for the city now, he said: “It’s healthier, the weather is unquestionably 1,000 times better. I like the pace of it – it’s slower. I think when you’re in your 20s, you’re constantly trying to redline on things, and New York is great for that because it’s burning the engine very hot. Now, I need little breaks. I need to pull my foot off the gas, and LA is a great place to do that.”
Meanwhile, Justin’s ‘The Leftovers’ co-star Carrie Coon joked that show creator Damon Lindelof is so jealous of Justin’s good looks, that he put the actor through hell on set to get back at him.
She said: “Justin was put through more than anyone else -getting dunked, sliding around naked on bathroom floors, dying… I have this theory that Damon actually really hates him or is resentful of Justin for being attractive and so therefore writes heinous things for him to do. But you can’t rattle him. He never complains, even when the conditions of the show are really challenging.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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