Justin Theroux is 'afraid' of water

ICONINSIDER — Justin Theroux is scared of water.
The 45-year-old American actor and director has admitted he has a fear of being out on the ocean, and ever since he was a child he has been “terrified” of sailing especially after he went kayaking in a “small boat” from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts with his uncle Paul Theroux.
Speaking about his anxiety to Rhapsody magazine, the dark-haired hunk said: “I’m just afraid of water in general; I like a cement bottom.
“I was just terrified. Being in the water in such a small boat? I’m sure on [my uncle’s] scale of adventures it’s like a .0001. To me, it’s like a nine or nine and a half.
“[It was] a death-defying experience.”
Although the ‘Girl on the Train’ star didn’t enjoy the thrill of sailing across the sea, he has claimed he had “rebellious” tendencies when he was younger.
He said: “I was fearful, terrified, and slightly bullied – and, yes, I was also a rebellious and pissed-off kid.”
Despite not inheriting his relative’s love for travelling on the ocean, Justin has revealed the 75-year-old travel journalist helped him to find a new interest and encouraged him to start writing.
He said: “[Paul] He told me, just go every day and write from 10 to 4, or whatever your time frame is, and then do it the next day and the next day. It’s like scything a wheat field. Eventually you’re going to finish the whole thing if you just pick up the scythe.”
Meanwhile, Justin believes his marriage with Jennifer Aniston, 48, has helped him to view certain matters as insignificant.
He said: “Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small.”
And Justin, who married the former ‘Friends’ star in 2015, has credited the golden-haired beauty as his “ally” and is grateful he has a partner who supports him.
He continued: “You have an ally. It’s good to have someone have your back.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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