John Travolta stars in new biopic

ICONINSIDER — John Travolta is set to star in ‘Speed Kills’.
The 63-year-old actor will take on the role of the speedboat racing champion and multimillionaire Don Aronow in the upcoming production, Deadline has reported.
And the movie legend is keen to feature in the production because he finds biopics “fascinating”.
Speaking about his upcoming venture, the movie legend, said: “I like biopic films. They are fascinating to me and real-life characters are always interesting to play. This is a great story.”
And Travolta has been credited as the “perfect actor” to portray the character.
Speaking about the star, Lussenhop said: “Once I started learning about Don Aronow’s life I jumped at the opportunity to bring this story to the big screen.
“John Travolta is the perfect actor to bring Aronow’s story to life.”
The film will follow the life and death of the businessman, who created the Cigarette as well as other speedboats, which he sold on to presidents and notable figures, including the Shah of Iran and Malcolm Forbes.
However, Don was also part of a drug cartel, which is believed to be the reason behind his murder in 1987 while he sat in his car in Miami.
The script for ‘Speed Kills’ has been written by ‘Friday Night Lights’ writer David Aaron Cohen with director John Lussenhop, whilst a close friend of the real-life Aronow family, Paul Castro, is on hand to be consulted about the production.
Travolta will also help with the creative process and will executive produce the film alongside Anson Downes, Linda Favila, Patricia Eberle, Tim Cavanaugh, Cam Cannon, Lindsey Roth, Richard LeChartier, Christophe Verneau, Walter Josten and Grace Collins.
The drama backed by Hannibal Classics will start shooting scenes for the project in May this year, which will see the cast jet off to San Juan in Puerto Rico and Florida’s Miami Beach.

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