John Legend prefers Beyonce to Adele

ICONINSIDER — John Legend feels Beyonce deserved Album of the Year at the Grammys more than Adele.
The ‘Love Me Now’ singer has suggested the academy needs to do a “reform” of the awarding system to balance both the commercial success and artistic statements of winners of the prestigious accolade.
The 38-year-old hunk believes the R&B superstar made the most “important” statement of 2017 at the time.
He told Britain’s i newspaper: “Album of the Year should be hugely important albums that are high quality – and of course Adele’s was that – but for a lot of people it felt like Beyonce made the most important artistic statement of the year.
“And she did it in a way that was hugely successful, ground-breaking and news-making. I feel like there are some reforms that the academy could make to reflect the will of the creative community.”
The ‘La La Land’ actor has suggested that they make voting electronic as it would make it fairer on artists who are at the top of their game.
He said: “Sometimes [awards are] based on what’s sold the most, sometimes you have to ask ‘who are the voters?’ – the composition of the academy.
“One thing they should do is make voting electronic. At the moment they do it by mail which is crazy because of all the academies in the world musicians are probably the most transient.
“Sometimes a voting body might not reflect those musicians who are at the height of their careers, out touring … instead it could be artists who are retired, more conservative.”

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