Iggy Azalea loses 15 lbs in weight by twerking

ICONINSIDER — Iggy Azalea lost 15 lbs in weight by twerking for one week.
The 26-year-old singer has revealed she dropped a large amount of weight by practicing her bottom-shaking dance moves for her routine in the accompanying music video to her new track ‘Mo Bounce’.
Speaking about her dramatic weight loss to New Zealand radio station Nova 96.9, the blonde-haired beauty said: “I did a lot of rehearsals actually, and man I lost 15 pounds in a week dancing to that song.”
However, the Australian rapper did follow a healthy eating plan ahead of her rehearsals to help her get into shape.
She explained: “I went on a meal plan before the video because I knew I would have to be dancing fairly skimply dressed.”
Iggy – whose full name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly – has hinted dancing doesn’t come naturally to her and she had to have some assistance to help her perfect her twerking skills.
She said: “I did take classes. I do have someone who is very, very good at twerking, and she helped me. I never realized how flexible you have to be to do that stuff.”
Alongside additional dance classes the ‘Fancy’ hitmaker was also advised to attempt a yoga session in a bid to relax her muscles and make her more flexible to help her gyrate better.
She added: “My teacher was like ‘I really suggest you take yoga’ and I didn’t know you had to take yoga to be a twerker but apparently you do.”
Meanwhile, the artist has been credited for making “genuine” music by music director Lil Internet, who helped her with the video.
Speaking previously, he said: “She’s so cool and so genuine about her work and so honest about what she’s doing and so genuinely just into it.
“Just talking to her and getting to know her, she has been through crazy, crazy s**.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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