Graham Norton's ex-lover fears he has sacrificed love for success

ICONINSIDER — Graham Norton’s former partner worries the star has sacrificed success for love.
The 54-year-old talk show host was in a “serious” relationship with American Scott Michaels for five years from 1996 and his former partner fears his decision to always put work first will make it hard for him to settle down eventually.
Scott said: “Graham and I were the loves of each other’s lives. I was very serious about him and I know he felt the same way.
“I am happy that Graham has the success he wanted but I do feel sad he hasn’t found love.
“He might find someone he likes but the difficult part is finding someone who will fit into his lifestyle.
“I don’t miss being in Graham’s world but I have no doubt his ­determination to be famous ended our relationship.”
Scott moved to the UK to be with Graham after months of a long-distance relationship, and was proud to be a part of the Eurovision host’s early quest for fame by driving him to gigs.
He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “It felt like I was contributing to his dream and our life ­together. I always thought he would make it. He was hard-working and very confident.
“He would restrict himself to one glass of wine before a show, then afterwards it was no holds barred. One time we were out with Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys and Graham fell asleep standing up. That was one of his things.”
But as Graham’s career took off, Scott found it hard to be a part of his “ordinary” world.
He said: “I got upset that he was the one being loved by ­everyone and ­getting invited to exciting things. There were long days and nights when he just wasn’t around.
“There were more and more people taking up his time – ­business people, managers, friends, fake friends. I was ­surplus to requirements.
“There were two different worlds, ordinary and famous, and I was in the ordinary world.”
Scott persuaded Graham to go for couple’s counselling in a “desperate” bid to save their relationship.
He said: “I was desperate. I’d moved to another country for this guy after all. It was like he never wanted to be the bad guy and tell me to get lost.
He had to push me enough for me to say, ‘F**k this, I am done’. And at that stage, I was done.”
But Scott has no hard feelings towards his former partner.
She said: “I just hope he is happy.”

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