Gavin Rossdale's Voice future in doubt

ICONINSIDER — Gavin Rossdale could be axed from ‘The Voice’ after just one season.
The Bush frontman hasn’t yet had talks with the producers of the show about extending his contract, but his fellow coaches, Sir Tom Jones,, and Jennifer Hudson revealed they have already begun their negotiations.
Asked if he’d entered discussions, he told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “I think they’re waiting until the end of the series. They’re waiting for us to clear every hurdle.”
However, Tom said: “We’re talking about it now. It looks pretty positive. I hate to count my chickens before they hatch because I’ve been in this business for a long time.
“But they know I like the show. It’s all pretty positive. The deadline for a decision is the summertime.”
And will confirmed he’s “in talks”, while Jennifer added: “I’ve already said I will come back. I don’t see why I wouldn’t.
“I would love to do next year. I will make time for it because I’ve enjoyed this year. I’ve had a great time.”
If Gavin, 51, does leave the show, he’ll think it’s because he did something “wrong”, but even if he does go, he will simply focus on the positive things he’s taken from the experience.
He said: “If they don’t ask me back then a bit like when my acts went out, I would wonder what I did wrong. But I’ve had a great time doing it – it’s been incredible for me.
“People have got to know me a little bit, way more than they ever did before. You’ve just got to take the positive about it.”
Gavin was “disappointed” when his remaining acts, Max Vickers and Truly Ford, left the show in last weekend’s semi-final, and admitted he questioned whether it was down to his own choices.
He said: “It was a little disappointing in some ways and in other ways I haven’t thought about it at all. Of course I questioned my song choices.
“With Truly she is so complete I don’t know whether she is a bit intimidating for some people, the people who are voting at home.
“I just feel proud of the acts that I have, they are great and I think that everything is beginning for them really. This is an incredible platform for them.”

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