Debbie Harry's DIY Blondie hair

ICONINSIDER — Blondie singer Debbie Harry always dyes her own hair at home.
The 71-year-old rocker is famous for having peroxide blonde hair but rather than have her locks professionally altered she prefers doing it herself because she can “take a bath” whilst the bleach does its job.
In an interview with the May issue of InStyle magazine, she said: “I’ve always liked doing my colour at home myself because I can walk around and do things. I used to take a bath while I had the bleach on my head, and at the end I’d just submerge. It may not have been the best method, but it was expedient. I get very antsy in a salon chair. For years I used this one rinse – Roux Fanci in Shy Violet – because it didn’t have any peroxide and it made my hair look more white platinum.
“I’d go to amazing stylists here and there over the years, but really I’ve mostly done it myself. I was on the road seven or eight months a year and always in different places. So I’d just buy the bleach, throw the s**t on, and be done with it. Time it out and wash it off. I was a little bit reckless. But I didn’t burn my head off or anything.”
Debbie was inspired to go blonde by her idols Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard, and her hair change helped her develop her on-stage persona.
The ‘Heart of Glass’ hitmaker – who now just dons a wig when she wants to have dark tresses – tried to convince all her bandmates to bleach their hair too in keeping with the Blondie moniker but, sadly for her, she couldn’t convince them.
She shared: “In 1974, when I was in my first band the Stilettos, I actually had short brown hair. But by the time Chris Stein and I formed Blondie a few years later, I was working as a beautician and I was back to blonde. I was walking across Houston Street to meet Chris and someone yelled, ‘Hey, Blondie!’ at me. We’d been trying to think of a band name, and I was like, ‘Blondie, that’s good. Let’s do that.’ I tried to convince everyone in the band to dye their hair blonde too. It would have been fabulous! They didn’t go for it.”

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