Cindy Crawford advises son Presley Gerber not to fall on the catwalk

ICONINSIDER — Cindy Crawford told her son Presley Gerber not to fall when walking the catwalk.
The 17-year-old model – who received the Emerging Model honour at the Daily Front Row’s Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday (02.04.17) – has revealed the “best piece of advice” he has ever received was from his 51-year-old supermodel mother who warned him to watch his footing when he is gracing the runway.
Speaking to ET Online about the words of wisdom he has received over the years, Presley said: “When it comes to walking, don’t fall.”
Presley has also been told never to do anything he doesn’t want to do, which he also thinks is a vital tip he has received.
He added: “Best piece of advice is, ‘If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.”
The American star has credited his “whole family”, including his sister Kaia Gerber and father Rande Gerber, for being “so supportive” throughout his life, as he finds it “comforting” knowing he has the backing from his parents.
He said: “My whole family’s so supportive of me. It’s just so comforting to have them here. It’s making everything a lot easier.”
Meanwhile, the catwalk icon – who was recognised as one of the most prestigious and iconic models in the 1980s alongside Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington – has previously told her daughter not to look “blank” when she is on a photoshoot, but to think of one thing so her face shows an expression.
Kaia explained: “She’s just always told me to have a thought behind every picture and every expression. You’re not just blank, you have a reason for what you’re doing.”
However, the 15-year-old star doesn’t think she will “ever” get used to fame.
Speaking previously, she said: “I don’t think you ever get used to fame, because this isn’t normal.
“My job seems like a lot [of work], but I definitely need time to do normal teenage things. Even though I have to miss out on some things that normal teenagers do, this makes it all worth it.”

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