Cat Deeley's pals knew Patrick Kielty was the one

ICONINSIDER — Cat Deeley had “no idea” she was falling for Patrick Kielty – but her friends knew he was the one.
The ‘So You Think You Dance’ host confessed her pals realised before she did how hard she had fallen for the 46-year-old comedian and television personality.
She said: “A lot of our friends knew it would happen before we did, but I honestly had no idea. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time! And thank God he happened to be around and that I hadn’t missed him in the process.”
The pair tied the knot in 2012 and Cat believes their blooming romance in later life meant there were “no more games and it all happened very quickly”.
Speaking during a photoshoot with Grazia magazine, she added: “It was quite knock-your-socks off for both of us. There were no more games and it all happened very quickly because we were older and comfortable in our own skin.”
Meanwhile, Cat and Patrick welcomed their son Milo into the world in January 2016 and whilst the 40-year-old television personality loves being a mother, Cat admits she needs a “tribe” to raise her son.
She said previously: “I’ve got so much respect for all moms out there that do it. You have to juggle like crazy and have a team around you. And whether that’s your family, Mom and Dad, nanny … whoever it is, you have this team. It takes a tribe – I can totally understand that now.
“He’s still really little, but I’m loving it. It’s really hard, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done too. So it’s both. I would like him to do anything he wants to do. I would like him to be happy, first and foremost. I would like him to be kind, I would like him to be funny and I would like him to be smart. And any of those things are fine by me. And if dance comes into that? 100 percent. Buy him some tights, goddamn it!”

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