Camila Cabello was very shy

ICONINSIDER — Camila Cabello was “very introverted” as a young girl.
Despite her terrible nerves, the former Fifth Harmony singer managed to muster up the courage to audition for ‘The X Factor USA’ but her parents weren’t sure if she’d be able to go through with it because she was so crippled with anxiety.
She said: “I was very introverted as a kid. But I started bringing my CDs to the YMCA after school; I’d ask for the boom box and go play my music in the corner and people would come over. And I created a little YouTube channel doing covers – I must have posted 50.
“Even though I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, this is so bad,’ music was the thing I was passionate enough about to get over being shy. After seeing a One Direction ‘tips on auditioning for The X Factor (USA)’ video, I asked Mom if I could audition.”
Whilst her mother Sinuhe added: “She was so shy we didn’t believe she would be able to do it. But I told my husband, ‘She wants to go to an audition. Let’s go.'”
And Sinuhe praised her daughter for always “confronting her fears”, something which Camila says she learned from her mother.
Sinuhe said: “I have never met someone who can confront her fears in the way she does. I can tell she’s terrified, but she doesn’t stop. She always asks me, ‘Do you think everybody knows [I’m scared]?’ And I’m like, ‘No, nobody can tell.'”
In a joint interview with her mom for Glamour magazine, the 20-year-old singer added: “I think the most important thing I’ve learned from my mom has been: You’re human if you have fear, but you can’t ever let it determine how hard you go at a situation. If anything, it should make you go harder – go for it all the way.”

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