Bella Thorne reveals her battle with depression

ICONINSIDER — Bella Thorne has come “to the conclusion” she struggles with depression.
The 19-year-old actress make the candid confession on Twitter, where she also offered encouragement to other people who are battling the common mood disorder.
The former Disney child star said: “Came to the conclusion that I struggle with depression:/ you aren’t alone (sic)”
However, Bella’s tweet was subsequently deleted after she received a stream of critical comments from her followers, some of whom questioned whether she had been clinically diagnosed with the problem or whether she was merely speculating.
One social media user said: “U can’t jst [sic] come to a conclusion that u suffer frm [sic] depression…
“It’s not just a random feeling like being sad or unhappy. (sic)”
Meanwhile, Bella recently hit out at people who send her nasty messages over social media.
The teenage star admitted she has been really offended by some comments from her followers, especially when their remarks are based on inaccurate speculation.
She said: “People think it doesn’t hurt but let me tell you, it does hurt!
“It doesn’t feel good to read this s**t about yourself online even when you know it’s not true. That’s always the worst part, when it’s not true. If it’s true, you’re kind of just like, ‘OK, you’re calling me out. This is true.'”
Bella revealed she even received death threats after she split from Tyler Posey and was subsequently romantically linked to Charlie Puth.
She said: “I went through a break-up and that was kind of tough. You know, fans, if you’re just seen with somebody, they think you’re immediately, you gotta be in a relationship with them, which is not true.
“I hang out all the time with different people that I’m not dating, that I’m just friends with. I hang out with a lot of guys because I’m a total tomboy, so a lot of my friends end up being guys because a lot of girls are like kind of too girly for me sometimes.”

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