Kevin Bacon opens up about battle with anxiety

ICONINSIDER — Kevin Bacon writes songs to help cope with his anxiety.
The 58-year-old actor has been battling with the unsettling feeling ever since he suffered his first panic attack following the news his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and he has revealed he finds penning tracks for his band Bacon Brothers, which he is in with his 67-year-old brother Michael, “therapeutic” and the best way for him to address his emotions.
The ‘Footloose’ star – who has 25-year-old daughter Sosie and 27-year-old son Travis with his wife Kyra Sedgwick – told The Mirror Online: “[I] broke down and fell to the sidewalk.
“I wrote a new song called ‘Shaking’. It starts out being about earthquakes in Southern California, but it’s a metaphor about anxiety.
“I find writing songs extremely therapeutic¬. It is like if my therapist goes on vacation. it’s a good time to pick up a guitar and talk about what’s going on.
“I take extremely personal subjects and put them in the songs.”
However, the movie legend believes he is not the only one suffering and has recognised “everybody” has worries and troubles that plague their mind.
He explained: “Everybody has worry in their lives.”
Although Kevin – who boasts a successful career in the entertainment industry spanning over three decades – is proud of his achievements, he has admitted there are times when he wishes he was able to have the freedom to enjoy a peaceful stroll without being recognised because of his celebrity status.
He said: “I’m very, very grateful for everything being an actor has given me, but sometimes, I want to go out and take a walk.
“In some ways my work as an actor is extremely personal. You have to use yourself and lose yourself – I use as much of me as possible and I try to lose myself in the character.”

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