Goldie Hawn believes 'Snatched is the 'best' film she's starred in

ICONINSIDER — Goldie Hawn believes ‘Snatched’ is the “best” film to be created.
The 71-year-old actress teamed up with comedic actress Amy Schumer for the comedy movie, and the star believes her latest production is the ultimate movie she has starred in throughout her acting career, which spans over five decades.
Speaking about the film to Entertainment Weekly, the golden-haired beauty – who is the mother of fellow actress Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell – said: “I’m a mother to my daughter and I’m a mother to Amy, and that’s what mattered – it’s that movie that matters. It doesn’t compare to any other movie I’ve ever done.
“I’m saying it’s the best. It was great.
“Every woman is different, and every experience is different. I’ve done a lot of action movies, I’ve done a lot of comedy movies.”
And Goldie’s 35-year-old co-star still can’t get over the fact she has worked alongside the Academy Award winner – who was recognised as the Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘Cactus Flower’ in 1969 – because she has always dreamed of working with the star.
The ‘Trainwreck’ star gushed: “I come offering Goldie Hawn. It’s still blowing my mind, it’s the biggest dream come true. I was like, ‘This is happening.’ I kind of secreted it. I never read that book, but I’m assuming it.”
And the pair have revealed they enjoyed their time shooting on set together, although they have teased they got into a “little bit” of trouble.
Amy said: “We got into a little bit of trouble.”
Goldie admitted she also had a “really really good time” working with Amy, although she was left embarrassed by her swimming technique when they were filming a scene of them floating out to sea, which Amy has described as an “elegant” stroke.
She said: “We hung out. We had really really good time. Floated out to sea, just free-floating, it was good. I couldn’t swim too good… well dog paddle.”
To which Amy replied: “You’ve never seen a more elegant dog paddle.”

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