Gigi Hadid always wants to better herself

ICONINSIDER — Gigi Hadid says there is “always room to get better”.
The 21-year-old model will never stop striving for perfection as she thinks she can always outdo herself.
She said: “My stepdad always told me that good is the enemy of great and I always feel like that’s actually a power thing because there’s always room to get better.”
And the blonde beauty wishes she knew everything would work itself out in the end when she was younger.
Asked what she would tell her younger self in a video for Reebok, she added: “Everything works itself out.”
Meanwhile, Gigi previously opened up about how she now feels “confident” in herself and represents a “body image”, which she says wasn’t “accepted” a few years ago.
She shared: “No, I don’t have the same body type as the other models in shows. No, I don’t think I’m the best at any given show. Yes, I want to have a unique walk, but also know I have to improve.
“I’m a hard worker that’s confident in myself, one that came at a time where the fashion industry was ready for a change. I’m just doing my job, I represent a body image that wasn’t accepted in high-fashion before, and I’m very lucky to be supported by the designers, stylists and editors that I am: ones that know this is fashion, its art; it can never stay the same.
“Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body, they don’t make me want to say no to the designers that ask me to be in their shows, and they definitely don’t change the designers’ opinions of me. If they want me in their show, I’m in it; if they don’t, I’m not.
“That’s just how is and how it will be. If you don’t like it, don’t follow me, don’t watch me, cause I’m not going anywhere. If I didn’t have the body I do, I wouldn’t have the career I do. I love that I can be sexy. I’m proud of it.”

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