Cara Delevingne's mother warns her off plucking her eyebrows

ICONINSIDER — Cara Delevingne’s mother told her never to pluck her eyebrows.
The 24-year-old model is known for her full facial feature that frame her eyes, which the star has claimed is a hereditary gene, and the star has admitted her parent, Pandora, has always advised her never to trim or tame her brows.
Speaking about her beauty tips, the blonde beauty said: “The best beauty advice I’ve been given is from my mother, who told me not to pluck my eyebrows.”
Although the catwalk icon didn’t “care” about her eyebrows when she was younger, she has admitted she has forced herself to “embrace” them and view them as an asset.
She explained: “All the women in my family have really big brows.
“As a child, I didn’t care for mine, but I’ve since learned to embrace them, as you should. Now, I keep them in check.”
And Cara has revealed she relies on Rimmel’s Brow This Way eye brow pencil to accentuate her eyebrows.
The ‘Paper Towns’ actress – who was announced as the brand ambassador for the cosmetics company Rimmel in April last year – she said: “My go-to brow products are Rimmel Brow This Way with Argan Oil and Professional Eye Brow Pencil.”
Cara has also sought tips from her godmother Dame Joan Collins, who has always taught her to protect her skin from the sun’s UV rays.
She said: “And my godmother [actress Dame Joan Collins], who told me to keep my face out of the sun.”
And the British star – who has starred in fashion and beauty campaigns for luxury designer brands including Chanel, Fendi and Stella McCartney – has revealed if her career in front of the camera, as both a model or actress, was unsuccessful she would have loved to be an astronaut or a secret spy.
She told Elle magazine: “If I hadn’t got into modelling or acting, I would have loved to be an astronaut or a spy.”

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