Samira Wiley says hiking is her ‘mortal enemy’

Samira Wiley says hiking is her “mortal enemy”.
The 30-year-old actress has admitted she is “very adventurous” and enjoys working out, although trekking up hills makes her “angry” because there are times when she feels she is not making progress.
Speaking about her fitness routine to Stylist magazine, the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star – who is married to Lauren Morelli – said: “I’m very adventurous, but hiking is my mortal enemy. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I get angry when I’m hiking. I don’t like when you’re hiking up and then in the middle of the hike the hike goes down, and I feel like you’re losing progress.”
And the brunette beauty has revealed she is also “not a big fan” of yoga because she likes to “going somewhere” when she is exercising.
She continues: “I’m also not a big fan of yoga. I need things to be going somewhere. I feel like a child: ‘What are we doing? When are we getting there?'”
And Samira has likened herself to her mother because of her strong work ethic, as the ‘Nerve’ star will happily take on more projects because she doesn’t know how to “slow down”.
She said: “Whenever I’m talking to my agent, he’s always asking: ‘ Is that going to be too much?’ And my answer is always, ‘No,I can do it’. My mum is 67, and she’s just got her second PhD and is someone who will never stop. I get that from her. i just don’t know how to slow down.”
Although Samira boasts a hectic schedule, her partner tries to teach her to “pause”.
Speaking about her 35-year-old spouse, she said: “She’s always trying to teach me how to celebrate, which I didn’t know I didn’t have. I barrelled through life’s big moments. When I got an Emmy nomination, there was never a point where I said, ‘Let’s pause, have a meal.’ She helps me pause.”



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