Victoria Beckham wants to empower women with make-up brand

ICONINSIDER — Victoria Beckham wants to empower women with her make-up line.
The fashion designer will release her second make-up collaboration with Estée Lauder next month and revealed her main aim with the project is to help women feel stronger and more powerful.
She told Stella magazine: “I was at the airport looking at the make-up in duty-free and I thought, ‘Everything looks the same.’ For me it’s not about copying what everyone else is doing, it’s about creating make-up that women feel proud to own. Ultimately it’s about empowering women.”
Victoria, 43, also revealed that she “wear-tests” all of her products before signing off on them and gets advice from her husband David, 42.
She said: “I like to wear-test everything. Last night, I went home and was talking to David and he said, ‘You’ve got a lot of make-up on.’ I test everything and keep removing, reapplying and layering it.”
And the star also uses pictures of herself to determine what make-up is and is not working.
Speaking about her new collection, she said: “There are must-have pieces that every woman should have in her make-up bag. I’m obsessed with nude lipsticks and the new Matte Lipstick formula is absolute perfection. I learn an enormous amount by seeing pictures of myself and in photos the new shades read as nude, but in practical terms you can get a really great lip shape and it doesn’t bleed. I put this lipstick on at seven o’clock this morning – I’ve eaten my breakfast, my lunch and it’s still in place.”
Victoria’s first collection was divided into four cities, London, Paris, New York and LA, and she has added Miami to her new range.
However, she is set to expand her business even more, with plans for a fragrance and skincare line.
She said: “Sometimes things take longer in development, so they might not be here right now, but we really try to push the boundaries and do something different. I’m not trying to be anyone else. I’m just doing what I want to do and giving women what I think they genuinely want.”

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