Vicky Pattison lost self-respect on Geordie Shore

ICONINSIDER — Vicky Pattison “swapped self-respect for attention” while appearing on ‘Geordie Shore’.
The 29-year-old presenter tries not to have any regrets about the decisions she’s made but admits she’d never appear on another reality show as she’s embarrassed by some of her actions on the fly–on-the-wall MTV programme, which she quit in 2013.
She said: “I wouldn’t do another reality show. I’m a very open person but, at the same time, there are things I want to keep to myself and reality TV takes that off the table. I try not to have regrets, I know I would never be where I am without it and I will always be grateful for that.
“But there are some things I did on ‘Geordie Shore’ that I will never forgive myself for.
“I lost myself on that show – I became a character and got lost in the machine.
“I swapped my self-respect for attention for a while.”
The brunette beauty’s former boyfriend, Stephen Bear – who she dated for four months in 2015 – has recently found love with her ex-‘Geordie Shore’ castmate Charlotte Crosby and she has dismissed any suggestion of animosity over the relationship, insisting she is happy for the pair.
She said: “I don’t even know why people think I would mind. I can’t even remember going out with Bear to be honest, and I haven’t spoken to Charlotte for ages – but I wish them all the best.
“From what I know of them two, I think it’s real and genuine.”
And Vicky herself couldn’t be happier at the moment having rekindled her romance with businessman John Noble, whom she’s now engaged to after he recently popped the question.
She said: “I couldn’t be happier. Nothing I’ve ever experienced comes close to this feeling.
“We actually went out when I was 20 – I knew he was the right person but it was the wrong time.
“Now it works. He’s recycled, not shiny new. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

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