Tom Wopat arrested

ICONINSIDER — Tom Wopat has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman’s butt.
The ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actor was picked up by police on indecent assault, battery and cocaine possession charges in Massachusetts on Wednesday (02.08.17) and it has now emerged the reported incident took place when the 65-year-old star was rehearsing his role in stage show ’42nd Street’.
According to a police report obtained by TMZ, a woman on the set claims the actor walked up to her during rehearsals at the Reagle Theatre and she felt his hand grab her derriere and his fingers slide between her butt cheeks.
She complained to a manager about the incident and Tom was confronted, but is said to have denied touching the woman and said: “F**k them all.”
The police report also mentions two other incidents alleged to have happened during rehearsals, with one woman claiming he came up from behind and wrapped his arm around her hip and lower waist, pulling her into him and another woman claiming he peeled sunburned skin off her arm.
After the ‘Django Unchained’ actor was arrested, he told police he flirts and likes to be friendly, but did not inappropriately touch anyone.
He recalled a time he was sitting down and “lightly touched” one of the women’s hips as she walked by and said to her: “I like the way you work.”
The drug charge stemmed from police finding what they believed was cocaine in a plastic back in Tom’s front pocket, along with a blue straw, and another bag of the drug in his car.
The report also stated show chiefs had reprimanded the star for showing up for rehearsal under the influence.
The actor has pled not guilty for felony indecent assault and battery and misdemeanour drug possession.

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