Tom Fletcher annoys son by falling asleep during story time

ICONINSIDER — Tom Fletcher annoys his son by falling asleep whilst reading him a bedtime story.
The McFly singer has confessed he always falls asleep whilst reading a book to his eldest son Buzz, three, and it doesn’t go down well with the little boy.
He admitted: “I literally get to the second page [and then fall asleep] … With Buzz, we lay down with the torch on so it’s dark … The amount of times I get, ‘Wake up dada!'”
His wife Giovanna added: “There’s something about being horizontal at 7pm, because we actually get in the bed.”
Tom – who also has 17-month-old son Buddy with Gi -recalled a particular time where he left Gi downstairs entertaining their guests whilst he popped upstairs to put the kids to bed. However, he ended up falling asleep and had to be woken up 40 minutes later.
Speaking in a video posted on Giovanna’s YouTube channel as part of the Dear Carrie series – a video tribute to Tom’s sister Carrie to keep her updated on their family life as they rarely get to see her – he added: “The other day we had friends over and Gi stayed downstairs and I took both kids up to bed. I thought I’d only be five minutes, put them both to bed quickly … I got woken up 40 minutes later on Buzz’s bed. It’s very satisfying – sleep.”
Meanwhile, Tom “helps out” around the house a lot more now that he’s a father.
Giovanna revealed: “We’ve been together for 11 years. When we first lived together I did everything. And I was really happy doing it. Since having the boys – Tom has helped out.
“It was actually on Christmas – he realised I wouldn’t cook Christmas dinner for two families at seven months pregnant. He doesn’t do tidying and cleaning but when it comes to the boys and cooking we’re very equal.”

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