Taylor Swift is ‘certain’ she was groped by radio DJ

ICONINSIDER — Taylor Swift is “certain” she was groped by radio DJ David Mueller, according to her attorney.
The 27-year-old singer has alleged the broadcaster put his hand under her dress while they posed for photographs backstage during one of her gigs in 2013, with the court in Denver, Colorado, being told that Mr Mueller had “grabbed her rear end”.
In September 2015, Mr Mueller sued Swift, denying her allegations and claiming the controversy had caused him to lose his $150,000-a-year job at KYGO-FM.
A month later, Swift launched a counter-suit, saying the alleged incident at the Pepsi Center amounted to assault and battery.
The music icon was in court on Tuesday (08.08.17) and during the proceedings, jurors were shown a photograph of the alleged assault, which dates back to June 2, 2013.
The photograph shows Swift, Mr Mueller and his then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, all posing together.
As the picture is taken, Mr Mueller’s right hand is hidden behind the musician.
But David McFarland, his lawyer, insisted his client’s hand “is not underneath Miss Swift’s skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion”.
He added: “David Mueller unequivocally denies he touched her inappropriately in anyway.
“Falsely accusing someone of inappropriate touching is equally offensive, equally wrong and should not be tolerated.”
During his opening statement, Mr Mueller addressed the motivation behind his lawsuit, saying he had taken the action “to clear his name and for lost earnings”.
On the other hand, Douglas Baldridge, Swift’s attorney, accused Mr Mueller of having given seven accounts of the incident, while he also accused the DJ of destroying taped conversations with his bosses about the alleged crime.
Speaking to the eight members of the jury, Mr Baldridge said: “What’s wrong with this picture? A woman gets assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued.”
He continued: “It’s not inappropriate touching. It’s assault.”
Swift – who attended court along with her mother Andrea – is suing for just $1.

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