Tara Reid: Bullying can get ‘quite abusive’

ICONINSIDER — Tara Reid says the bullying she has experienced can get “quite abusive”.
The ‘American Pie’ actress admits it is tough being in the spotlight and says she has experienced bullying first hand.
She said: “It can get quite abusive, you know? There’s definitely a lot of bullying. I almost felt like I was being bullied myself, even though they were doing it to my character …
“Bullying is a subject I can relate to so much. There’s such a big problem with bullying today, and people don’t really look at how bad it is. Bullying doesn’t start with one person. If someone bullies you today it puts you in a bad mood, and you go and talk to your sister and you say something rude to her, and it puts her in a bad mood, and then she snaps at her husband, and her husband slaps their kid.
“It goes around and around and gets bigger and bigger and more and more people get hurt. And people can’t stop. They are so angry and judgmental that it has changed a lot of things. People are afraid to speak.”
However, the 41-year-old actress tries to stay positive and surrounds herself with “good people”.
She added to The Guardian newspaper: “You know, every day when you wake up it’s a new day. You gotta get over it. Tomorrow’s a new day. It’s about living in the present. And I love what’s going on in my life right now. I’m in a good place, and I’m working a lot, and I’m surrounded by good people.
“For a while I was stuck playing high-school sweethearts, and I couldn’t get out of it. But now I’m playing a woman my own age, a mother, and that has changed so many things. If someone had told me that Sharknado was going to cause all this, I would have laughed. It’s turned out to be a huge blessing.”

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