Susan Sarandon reveals her beauty secrets

ICONINSIDER — Susan Sarandon likes her make-up to look “clean and not too heavy”.
The 70-year-old actress follows the mantra that “less is more” with cosmetic products, especially for older women, and she makes sure to stick to that by not applying one shade of eyeshadow to her lids but by contouring the eye socket with different shades instead.
Speaking to Hello! magazine about her beauty hacks, the ‘Stepmom’ star said: “I honestly think that the older you get, less is more. I’m careful about that – I don’t like colour on my lids, I like shading in certain places, but essentially I want my look to be clean and not too heavy.”
The red headed movie icon believes she would not be able to pull off some of the trends she experimented with when she was younger, such as the Twiggy eyelashes, because she fears it would look “too harsh” for her now.
She explained: “I look back at some of the looks that I’ve worn, like my Twiggy lashes [at college], but that would look too harsh on me now.”
And Susan has the same outlook on her hair as well, as she prefers to go out “no mess no hairspray” and will simply “hope for the best” with her curly tresses when she leaves her home.
She explained: “You know it’s coloured now, right? My hair is naturally curly, so I have to work at it. Often when I work I wear wigs because it is so unmanageable in the weather and it takes too much time.
“But going out I like to be no mess, no hairspray and just hope for the best. A bit rock’n’roll and simple.”

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