Stormzy stops Boardmasters Festival performance for safety of crowd

ICONINSIDER — Stormzy was forced to stop his Boardmasters Festival performance due to the crowd’s “dangerous” behaviour.
The 24-year-old grime artist was in the middle of entertaining his audience, who flocked to the music extravaganza in Cornwall over the weekend, when he had to suddenly halt his gig because his fans were being crushed and cried out in pain after being trampled on by the hordes of people.
A video of the chaotic event has been shared on Facebook, which captures the festival-goers being urged to stand up to avoid being bombarded by the vast amount of people who swarmed to see the ‘Big For Your Boots’ hitmaker perform.
And the artist – whose full name is Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo, Jr – felt it was best to pause his show to encourage the audience to calm down.
The Boardmasters Festival explained the situation on their social media platform, they wrote: “Due to massive excitement at the start of Stormzy’s set tonight, there was a brief surge at the front of the audience. (sic).”
It has since been reported during Stormzy’s act some members in the crowd passed out, whilst others are believed to have suffered broken bones because the crowd control was not handled appropriately.
In a bid to prevent any further issues some Stormzy fans were “lifted” above the crowd and over the barrier to escape any potential harm.
One festival-goer, named Ellie Wookey, said: “I was there at the front with my friends, we had waited for four hours to see Stormzy and we all had to be lifted over the barrier.”
Whilst the annual festival is meant to be an exciting occasion, the female has admitted it was in fact the “scariest moment” of her entire life.
She continued: “It was one of the scariest moments of my life, people were pulled out having passed out and I saw people with broken bones, it’s really not okay.
“I understand it is difficult to stop those people causing all the problems but that was very very dangerous and I’m very lucky I wasn’t hurt.”

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