Stevie Nicks gushes over Harry Styles

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles has “the world at his fingertips”, according to Stevie Nicks.
The 69-year-old Fleetwood Mac star is good friends with the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer and believes he has the talent to sustain a long-lasting career in both music and movies.
Speaking to Mike Hosking on New Zealand’s Newstalk ZB, she said: “I’m a big fan of Harry’s, and I think he’s a fan of me.
“I believe in Harry Styles. I think he’s really good. I think he’s funny, I think he’s a good actor. I think he has the world at his fingertips and he’s going in the right way. And I’m really happy for him and I’m glad to be a part of that.”
Stevie performed on stage with Harry during his solo show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles earlier this year and she believes he asked her to join him for some moral support.
She explained: “He called and asked me if I would come and sing at the Troubadour with him. And I’m like, sure I will, but a) sing what? and b) why are you asking me? I know we’re friends and everything… And he said, ‘because I’m doing this alone and I would just love it if you would come and do this with me’. And I knew what he was saying, it’s like, ‘it would make me feel better and stronger.'”
Stevie also repeated her previous assertions that her Fleetwood Mac bandmate has “adopted” One Direction singer Harry, 23.
She said: “[Mick Fleetwood] has always wanted a son, and I think he adopted Harry. It’s Harry Styles-Fleetwood now.”

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