Shaun Williamson ‘relieved’ to leave EastEnders

ICONINSIDER — Shaun Williamson was “fairly relieved” when he quit ‘EastEnders’.
The 51-year-old actor turned his back on the long-running soap in 2004 after playing the role of bumbling idiot Barry Evans for 10 years and, although he’s admitted he would be open to a return in the future, he was glad he left when he did because he wanted to give theatre a go but bosses wouldn’t give him the time off to fulfil his dream.
Speaking in last night’s (03.08.17) episode of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, he said: “I was in it for 10 years and I either had a great story or I didn’t. Twenty million people watched it, because there was only four channels. It was one of those things before everyone had laptops, that’s what you did. I was fairly relieved [to leave]. You did find yourself after a few years thinking, ‘I’ve done this storyline’. They’ve just kicked it about a bit.”
And, although he was the one who asked to leave the programme, Shaun has admitted there is no bad blood between him and his former cast mates but they’re not in touch.
He added: “When I bump into them it’s pleasant but I haven’t got them in a phonebook.”
Meanwhile, his alter ego may have been killed off 12 years ago, but Shaun hopes, if there is any way of resurrecting the gullible buffoon, he’ll return as a hardman.
He said previously: “I just think it’s pushing it if they try to make out Barry has been hiding in Tottenham for the last 12 years. He was weak.
“Barry started off as quite an edgy character; he gave Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) the number of the hitman who shot Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), he got hold of Cindy’s kids and tried to help get her out of the country and he set fire to the car lot [so I would like him to come back a bad boy].”

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