Shanina Shaik: I struggle to keep up with social media

ICONINSIDER — Shanina Shaik finds it hard to “keep up” with social media.
The 26-year-old model admits her ever-increasing following on websites such as Twitter and Instagram have helped to spark interest in her runway appearances, but Shanina still struggles to keep pace with online trends.
The Australian beauty – who is engaged to DJ Ruckus – explained: “Social media is obviously a big and important part of my working life but I find it hard and sometimes difficult to keep up with it.
“Having a dinner with my fiancee or friends is a no-go zone when it comes to social media.”
Shanina acknowledged the important role social media has played in her career, but she is determined to ensure it won’t “rule” her life.
Speaking to, Shanina reflected: “I recently went to Bali where they have this one religious day where all social media and electronic is turned off and it was the best thing ever. It was just good to be ‘in the moment’.
“It’s a business at the end of the day as social media can show your personality, sure, like I’ve been booked by photographers through my Instagram feed.
“But being in charge and taking charge of your social media is so important but not let it rule your life.”
Shanina is known across the world for her enviably toned figure, which she credits to her dedication to fitness.
But the model has also admitted to having a sweet tooth and she still treats herself to unhealthy desserts from time to time.
She shared: “It’s really bad. I am such a dessert person but I really have to watch myself that I don’t go over the top when it comes to all things sweet.
“I eat in moderation and exercise in moderation, but I don’t deprive myself. It isn’t so much a diet … but a lifestyle decision.
“Being healthy is 80 percent of what you eat and the rest is about the gym and exercise.”

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