Sarah Harding’s post-CBB break

ICONINSIDER — Sarah Harding is jetting off to Los Angeles when she leaves the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.
The former Girls Aloud singer is currently holed up in the famous abode and once her time on the show comes to an end, she plans to step out of the spotlight and stay with her friend Lady Victoria Hervey, who hopes the break is what she needs following her dramatic stint on the programme.
Victoria said: “We spoke before she went into ‘CBB’ and she’s going to stay with me in LA when she’s out of the show.
“She’s a tough cookie and I’m just hoping she’ll bounce back and not let any of this get to her too much. Hopefully it’ll all settle down.”
Sarah – who checked into rehab in 2011 – has caused concern with her behaviour on the show, including a number of explosive rows and breaking down in tears and Victoria admits it has been “hard” seeing her friend so vulnerable.
She said: “Sarah and I spoke a lot before she went into the house. I know it was hard for her to do the show and it was really brave of her.
“‘CBB’ is seriously tough – the toughest of all the reality shows, I’d say.
“Some of it has been hard for me to watch because Sarah’s been really upset – I just wanted to hug her.
“I do want Sarah to win – but I don’t think I’d want her to be in the house for that long.”
And the 40-year-old socialite also blasted Paul Danan – who she appeared alongside on ‘Celebrity Love Island’ in 2006 – for his behaviour towards the 35-year-old singer.
She told Closer magazine: “I think Paul Danan is a complete a**ehole to be honest. He loved stirring up stuff when he was on ‘Love Island’ with me.
“I hate the way he’s victimising Sarah – he knows she’s fragile, so why is he upsetting her on purpose? I want her out of there!
“He’s completely two-faced – he was being nice to Sarah and then he said stuff about her. I don’t like him trying to pretend to be Sarah’s friend and then doing that to her. He’s being completely unfair.”

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