Sarah Harding secretly sipping booze in ‘CBB’ house

ICONINSIDER — Sarah Harding has been hoarding bottles of wine and pinching her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates’ cigarettes.
Jordan Davies was evicted from the Channel 5 show’s famous abode on Tuesday night (15.08.17) and has claimed the former Girls Aloud singer had been downing booze secretly with her love interest Chad Johnson.
The former ‘Ex on the Beach’ star says that the 35-year-old beauty is a nice person, but as soon as she had alcohol she turned into a “nightmare” person.
Speaking to host Ryan Clark-Neal on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ after being booted out of the house, Jordan said: “She’s lovely in the day, then she has a drink then she’s an absolute nightmare. Her and Chad were hiding bottles of wine, not looking after Derek (Acorah), Sandi (Bogle).
“Sarah never got Sandi a drink, Derek a drink, Helen (Lederer) a drink, then she was accusing me of hiding drinks, I was like are you taking the p***?
“She cannot handle it. She’s just an absolute nightmare and a horrible person.”
The 25-year-old hunk also called her fling with Chad fake and said she should think about the fact she is a role model.
He added: “She’s meant to be a role model but she’s getting p***ed, nicking fags; act your age!
“Also, this whole Chad Johnson thing is bulls***!”
Since the blonde beauty has been in the house she has raised eyebrows with her erratic behaviour.
One night she downed alcohol, pranced around in the pool in her bikini and then bit her fellow housemate Amelia Lily’s leg.
At the time, she sobbed: “I didn’t want to drink in here, for f***s sake! Now it’s all ruined.”
The ‘Jump’ hitmaker has previously opened up about her battle with alcohol addiction and how she believes it stemmed from a “toxic” relationship.
She said: “A lot of my issues were down to being in a toxic relationship.
“For me it stems completely from being hurt, six months before I was due to get married.
“It all just tumbled around me and I had to front everything and he f***ed off to Ibiza and I had nothing and I felt like I had lost my family and my friends that we had all built for five years. I felt like I had no-one left that I could turn to.
“I was very lonely, I had a few good select friends that helped save me from myself, which I am so grateful for.
” I’m very much a private person, so for me it’s quite overwhelming to do this.”

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