Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy come to blows in Celebrity Big Brother

ICONINSIDER — Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy have come to blows inside the ‘Celebrity Big Brother House’.
The former Girls Aloud singer came head to head with the heavily-inked reality TV star once again – in scenes that will air in Wednesday’s episode (09.08.17) – when Jordan Davies confronted the blonde beauty over what she meant when she previously said there was a divide in the house.
Sarah attempted to clarify her statement by claiming that, she thinks, there are three different groups in the house – the loud, the quiet and the ones in the middle.
However, the ‘Ex On The Beach’ star was clearly brewing for an argument as she butted in, despite not being involved in the row, and hit back: “No one’s been around loads of people though Sarah, you keep thinking you’re different to everyone else.”
The heated argument began to erupt after Sarah asks why Jemma is “having a go” and claims there are “too many f**king two-faced people”.
Jordan, who initially wanted a quiet conversation, stormed off shouting no one is letting him “f**king talk” and Sarah chimed in saying: “It’s because you’re too busy talking, Jem.”
Jemma, who has been friends with Jordan for three years, replied: “Oh f**k off you little bitch, man.
“As if I’m too busy speaking. You’re so f**king negative, right? Jordan’s my friend – let me speak!”
Sarah then asks why Jemma is “diving in” the argument before calling her a “****”.
The reality TV star snapped back: “Aw, now the pretty girl comes out with a naughty word, I thought you were a sweet and innocent girl!”
Sarah then said: “What’s the matter with you? I am when I haven’t got rotten people around me like you. You’re a two-faced little bitch.”
Jemma storms off after standing and telling the singer to stop being so negative and Sarah, who was smoking a cigarette, tells Jemma to “sober up”.
She said: “Look at you. Look at you. At least I don’t s**g on TV for a living. Sober up, love.”

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