Sam Thompson wants to take Amelia Lily on date after CBB

ICONINSIDER — Sam Thompson wants to take Amelia Lily on a date when they leave the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.
The ‘Made in Chelsea’ hunk has only just split from his long-term girlfriend Tiffany Watson and, although the pair were adamant their separation was purely a “break”, he’s already started moving on as he’s hoping to treat his fellow housemate to a romantic dinner when they both leave the infamous abode.
Speaking in the diary room after giving Amelia a massage, he said: “I think she’s flirting with me. It would be nice if she did flirt with me. We’ve got such a good friendship and she is so cool. Maybe [I will] keep things on a level in here and on the outside take her for a drink or something.”
He then quipped: “Maybe ask her father for her hand in marriage!”
Sam has made no secret of the fact he’s developed a soft spot for the former ‘X Factor’ contestant but has stopped himself from making a move on her because he’s only just split with Tiffany.
He explained to Jordan Davies recently: “It’s really complicated for me.
“This is on the back of a three-year relationship. I would almost love to rebound with someone and say, ‘I’m done now, we are ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend’ but Amelia is better than a rebound. Amelia is the kind of girl I would actually date and like.”
However, the fact that the 25-year-old hunk has developed feelings for Amelia hasn’t gone down too well with Chad Johnson as he too has started to fall for the blonde beauty’s charm.
He said: “I feel like you like Sam, so why the f**k did we go on a date? You like Sam. That’s fine.”
Amelia hit back: “I don’t like anybody in that way! I didn’t come in here looking for love or anything.”

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