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ICONINSIDER — Sam Faiers wants “more” children.
The former ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star is currently six months pregnant with her second child but has admitted she’d love to add to her brood shortly after the little one is born because she and her beau Paul Knightley want a big family.
Speaking on ‘This Morning’ on Thursday (10.08.17), she said: “I want more. I think I’ll have a bit more of a gap after this baby. And then when they’re both at school, free up a bit of time and get your life back … He [Paul] wants a big family too.”
The 26-year-old beauty has decided not to find out the sex of her second child but has admitted she’d quite like a little boy to give her 20-month-old son Paul a brother.
She explained: “I think it would be lovely to have a little boy because they’re brothers and they would grow up together but equally I’d like a little girl because I’d feel blessed that I’ve got one of each.”
Sam and her partner have agreed to let the cameras back into their lives next month to document their journey in the run up to the birth while managing a toddler.
She said: “We start filming next month and the show’s out early next year. It’ll be there birth – not the actual birth – and everything leading up to it and then after.”
And, although she’s always wanted children, she has admitted nothing could prepare her for the moment she became a mother because of the unconditional love she has.
She added: “I’m really laid back and I’d say I’m a really laid-back mum too, so I kind of took it in my stride. Nothing can prepare you.
“My sister, when she first had Nellie, I was round there every day so I was kind of prepared but actually when you have your own, nothing can prepare you.”

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