Rob Kardashian ‘is trying to move on’

ICONINSIDER — Rob Kardashian is “trying to move on” from Blac Chyna.
The 30-year-old reality TV star and the curvaceous model recently split in acrimonious circumstances, with Rob accusing his ex of cheating on her with multiple guys, while he also posted X-rated photographs of Blac on social media – but he’s determined not to dwell on their falling out any longer.
A source explained: “Blac has caused Rob too much grief in his life and he is trying to move on and put their past behind him.”
Blac – who has a nine-month-old daughter called Dream with Rob – recently filmed a sexy cameo for rap star Belly’s latest music video.
But Rob apparently has no interest in watching his ex-partner strut her stuff in the video for the single ‘P.O.P.’
The insider told “Rob is totally over Blac Chyna now and has no desire to see her try to be sexy in Belly’s ‘P.O.P.’ video.
“When given the opportunity to see Blac strut her stuff, Rob was like, ‘No thanks, I have been there and done that, I am over it.'”
In July, it was reported that Rob’s attack on Blac left the Kardashians and Jenners feeling “horrified”.
Rob’s foul-mouthed tirade attracted negative headlines across the world and his family were unimpressed by his behaviour, too.
A source previously said: “The family was horrified at the entire thing.”
Rob’s outburst also saw him accuse Blac of abusing drugs and alcohol.
But the family, who were left feeling “deeply disappointed and frustrated”, were concerned about the impact Rob’s conduct might ultimately have on his young daughter.
The insider explained: “In the end it’s about Dream and Rob has to grow up and be mature enough to realise that and how this can impact her later in life.”

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