Ricky Wilson to be X Factor judge?

ICONINSIDER — Ricky Wilson wants to be an ‘X Factor’ judge.
The former ‘Voice’ coach – who worked on the talent show for two years from 2013 – is a big fan of the ITV programme and would love it if his good friend Nicole Scherzinger could set up a meeting with Simon Cowell.
He told Closer magazine: “I’m a big ‘X Factor’ fan and one good thing about not being on ‘The Voice’ is I could watch it on a Saturday night.
“I’d love to do the show but I’ve not met Simon Cowell.”
It was previously claimed Ricky quit to work more with his band Kaiser Chiefs amid speculation of a feud with long-standing coach will.i.am, but he insists that wasn’t the case.
He said: “That was written after I left ‘The Voice’ was all rubbish.
“I didn’t leave to go back on the road with the band. I would have gone back to ‘The Voice’ for another series but they didn’t want me.
“It certainly didn’t put me off, I’d love to do more talent shows.”
The ‘Ruby’ singer recently admitted he’d be open to returning to ‘The Voice’.
He said: “I’d love to go back to ‘The Voice’. It’s loads of fun. I’d go back tomorrow if they asked me. I’m glad I took some time off – like anything, if you get used to it you get jaded by it, so I’m glad to step away from it but there’s situations where you step away from it and then you’re not invited back.
“But one day I’d like to be go back, either that or something else. If you asked my partner she’d say I hated it. I probably hate doing it but I love having done it.”
The 39-year-old singer was replaced by Gavin Rossdale and, although he’s desperate to return to the panel, Ricky thinks the Bush rocker should stick it out.
He explained: “Really is Gavin leaving? If they offer it to him I’d say stick in there Gavin, because the first year is always the hardest. It was for me because to be honest it’s like people have got very short memories, and everyone was like, ‘Ricky who?’ By the second and third time, I was winning the s**t out of it. Why am I saying this? I want ITV to get rid of him (Gavin). Now that’s not what I’m saying.”

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