Richard Hammond back behind the wheel

ICONINSIDER — Richard Hammond has got back behind the wheel, two months after a serious car accident.
The ‘Grand Tour’ star had been involved in a road race in a £2 million supercar in the Swiss mountains in June but he lost control of the vehicle, and it tumbled down a slope before it burst into flames, leaving him badly shaken and with a fractured knee, and he has now gone for his first drive since the terrifying accident
He shared a link to a video on his Drive Tribe website on Twitter and wrote: “Back Behind The Wheel!(sic)”
The Drive Tribe video was captioned: “Today I took my First Drive since my recent visit to Shuntsville”
In the video, the 47-year-old star – who was left in a coma for two weeks after a crash while filming ‘Top Gear’ in 2006 – was visibly emotional and admitted he was worried about sharing the footage because it felt “too personal”.
He said: “I’m back, oh yeah. This feels better than the first time, being 17 and given the keys to freedom because this time, I’m ready.
“This is beautiful, thank you doctors, thank you.”I shouldn’t even be sharing this moment, it feels too personal right now … I mean I’m dressed, but I feel like I’m not.
“This is where I’ve been all this time, in my head. I can go anywhere.”
Richard also admitted he needs to “exorcise” the “ghost” of driving through mountains as soon as he can.
He added: “Wales is over there, it’s got mountains in it, there’s a ghost I need to exorcise, I’m going there.”
The presenter recently revealed doctors have ordered him not to run for over a year because of his knee injury, much to the annoyance of his wife Mindy.
He said: “There’s no walking on the knee for a few months and I’ve been told there’s no running on that for about a year or 18 months. Which is bad because Mindy would often throw the running shoes at me and be like, ‘Get out!’
“I’m driving her mad; it’s the summer holidays too.”

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