Richard Dreyfuss: Bill Murray’s a pig

ICONINSIDER — Richard Dreyfuss thinks Bill Murray is a “pig”.
The 69-year-old actor starred alongside Bill in 1991 comedy ‘What About Bob?’ and the two famously didn’t see eye-to-eye back then but even 26 years later, Richard still admits he “loathes” the actor.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Richard said: “Bill Murray is a pig. What really irritates me about him is that he’s a good golfer and I’m not and also, he’s funny enough that, even now, although I loathe him, he makes me laugh.”
Although the actor has starred in a number of big movies including ‘American Graffiti’ and won an Oscar for his role in ‘The Goodbye Girl’, Richard admitted he is broke and says he was never told he should set aside some of his money for a rainy day.
He said: “No one told me that you were supposed to put some of it aside each time for the future.”
The ‘Jaws’ actor also revealed he developed an alcohol and drug problem simply because he grew up not liking himself.
Richard confessed: “I grew up not liking myself very much. I became a schmuck. I was doing drugs. I was drinking a bottle of cognac a day. I was sleeping with other men’s wives. I got to the point where I wanted someone to stop the world so I could get off.”
Meanwhile, Richard previously revealed that he’s not interested in playing second fiddle in movies and likes to have the starring role.
He explained: “I like the starring role. I like being the star because that position means you have power. Being a supporting player means you only have power by the grace of god, or the grace of the film’s star. I’d much rather be allowed into all the rooms and not have to beg for entry.”

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