Princess Diana ‘traumatised’ by Charles comment

ICONINSIDER — Princess Diana was left “traumatised” by a comment Prince Charles made shortly before their wedding.
The late royal and the Prince of Wales tied the knot in July 1981 before separating in 1992 and divorcing in 1996, and in newly-released footage she revealed one particular thing Charles said in the lead up to their big day left her upset.
Speaking on tapes which were recorded between 1992 and 1993 and broadcast on controversial Channel 4 documentary, ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’, on Sunday (06.08.17), Charles is seen saying he is “just delighted and happy” to announce their engagement in 1981.
A reporter then asks if the couple are “in love” and the princess – who died in a car crash in 1997 aged 36 – replies: “Of course.”
But Charles responds: “Whatever ‘in love’ means. You can put your own interpretation there.”
Diana told her voice coach Peter Settelen she found his answer slightly bizarre and that it “traumatised” her.
Elsewhere on the tapes, the late royal admitted she had only met Charles 13 times before their wedding day and claimed he was all over her “like a bad rash” when they met for a second time, but he wasn’t always keen to see her.
She said: “He would ring me up every day and then not contact me for weeks, he wasn’t very consistent in his courtship.”
Speaking about their sex life, she said: “Once every three weeks, and then it fizzled out about seven years ago, six years ago.”

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