Prince Harry sends note to Ant McPartlin

ICONINSIDER — Prince Harry sent Ant McPartlin a handwritten letter thanking him for speaking out about mental health.
The flame-haired royal – who spearheads the Heads Together campaign alongside his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Duchess Catherine – penned a note to the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ co-host after he opened up about his battle with depression after going into rehab.
The TV presenter said: “I woke up this morning, getting ready to come here, and was given an envelope.
“It was a handwritten note from Harry sending all of his best wishes on behalf of him, William and Catherine and telling me well done for speaking out.
“Obviously he leads the Heads Together charity, so it’s something he encourages.
“I wish I’d spoken out a lot earlier. But what a great time to get that letter. Brilliant. Thanks, Haz.”
Ant has left rehab after a two-month stint, and recently told fans about his prescription drug addiction, admitting it could’ve killed him.
He said: “I was at the point where anything – prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs – I would take.
“And take them with alcohol, which is ridiculous. The doctors told me, ‘You could have killed yourself.’  ”
Harry isn’t the only big-name to have helped Ant along the way as Sir Elton John – who was pals with Harry and William’s late mother Princess Diana – left a message of support for him.
Ant added to The Sun newspaper: “It’s quite funny having Elton on the answer machine. I’m saving that one.”
William recently admitted his, Harry and Catherine’s major aim is to wipe out the taboo surrounding mental health.
He said: “Smashing the taboo is our biggest aim.
“We can’t go anywhere much until that’s done. People can’t access services till they feel less ashamed so we must tackle the taboo the stigma, for goodness sake, this is the 21st century.
“I’ve been really shocked how many people live in fear and in silence because of mental illness. I just don’t understand it.
“I know I come across as quite reserved and shy, I don’t always have my emotions brewing, but behind closed doors I think about the issues, I get very passionate about things.”

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