Prince Harry helped Laura Wright overcome her mental health battle

ICONINSIDER — Prince Harry has been hailed as the person who helped Laura Wright overcome her mental health issue.
The 32-year-old royal has opened up about his struggle in coping with the loss of his mother Princess Diana in 1997, which saw him launch a number of projects, including the Heads Together campaign and the Invictus Games to encourage those battling with their own problems to overcome them and speak out.
And soprano singer Laura Wright – who is believed to be Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite musician – has thanked the red head for setting up the organisation, which has helped her speak to people about her feelings without feeling any “shame” in divulging everything about her past.
Speaking to the Mail Online, the 27-year-old said: “My involvement with Harry and the Invictus Games has made me feel able to talk to people who I didn’t think I’d be able to talk to. There’s no shame in a story.”
The brunette beauty has revealed after embarking on a career in the music industry at an early age she was advised to “lose weight”, which caused her to have an eating disorder.
She explained: “I got signed when I was 15 and I really struggled. People in the industry told me to lose weight.
‘That really affected me. I had puppy fat, so I hadn’t grown into my body. I used to barely eat anything and I’d be like, ‘Why do I feel really faint?’ It was because I wasn’t eating.
“Sometimes I’m still not balanced. Sometimes I’ll have a really big cry and I’ll feel really angry, and sometimes I feel really amazing.
“I used to shut myself away from the world when I felt down. When you’re on stage and everyone’s clapping and then you come off and it’s silent, it’s a really weird contrast.”

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