Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka co-ordinate phone wallpapers

ICONINSIDER — Paris Hilton and her boyfriend co-ordinate their phone wallpapers.
The 36-year-old DJ changes the image displayed behind the apps on her mobile device frequently, and whenever she does, her partner Chris Zylka follows suit.
She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “My boyfriend and I always have the same [phone wallpaper] – our current favourite picture of us.”
Paris is a fan of emojis, and can particularly relate to one of them.
She said: “My favourite emoji is the blonde princess. I feel like it’s me.”
Despite her slender frame, the blonde heiress doesn’t do a lot of working out.
She proclaimed: “Shopping is my cardio.”
After years in the spotlight, Paris is used to being around famous people, but almost “had a heart attack” when she met Madonna.
Asked when she was last starrstruck, she said: “Eleven years ago at the Brits. Madonna tapped me on the shoulder and I almost had a heart attack.”
Paris has defied her critics in recent years, after turning her attention to DJing in 2012.
At the time, her ambition was ridiculed, but she has since established herself as a credible performer, recently celebrating the five-year anniversary of her Foam & Diamonds party at Ibiza’s world-famous Amnesia nightclub.
Reflecting on the transformation, she’s said: “I started DJing like seven years ago. My first show was in Brazil. Like 30,000 people, closing for Jennifer Lopez, it was so much fun.
“I loved it so much that after that I really just got more into it and really just learned the technique and now I’m on the new Denon [turntables], which just came out and are amazing to play on. I’ve just been having the time of my life. I didn’t realise what a huge success I would be.”

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