Pamela Anderson never wanted her children to be models

ICONINSIDER — Pamela Anderson never wanted her children to have a career in the fashion industry.
The 50-year-old model has admitted her and her ex-husband Tommy Lee did not want their children Dylan, 19, and Brandon, 21, to star in runway shows for prestigious fashion houses because they wanted their “very smart boys” to make the most of their degree and achieve bigger things than the former couple.
Speaking to W magazine about Dylan – who starred in Saint Laurent’s fashion campaign earlier this year, and Brandon – who fronts the commercials for Dolce & Gabbana – she said: “I didn’t want them to be in this business, and neither did Tommy [Lee]. They’re both very smart boys and both got into incredible universities. They’re both big achievers. We just wanted to make sure they knew that they could do things other than what we were doing.
“And the boys are just doing this for fun; Brandon’s an actor and Dylan’s a musician. Brandon gets to be an actor on the runway, and just eats it up and loves it.
However, the style icon is proud of her sons for enjoying a successful career and for being “very open minded” about job opportunities.
The ‘Baywatch’ star said: “They’re both doing really good, and are at the age where they can make these choices. Of course, Tommy and I are like, ‘Oh no.’ But they’re handling it really well because they’ve been surrounded by all of this their whole lives, so they’re very open-minded and can thank uncle David LaChapelle for that.”
“My other son [Dylan] has this plan for his life and is very ambitious and all about the music, so it doesn’t really want to do any of this stuff; he turns down stuff all the time. He’s very calculated, while Brandon is very on his sleeve.”
Although Dylan models for the Italian fashion house, his mother is not the biggest fan of the brand because they use fur in their designs.
Pamela, who is an animal rights activist and has promoted veganism through her partnership with PETA, explained: “I walked in a few Vivienne shows years ago. [But] I just support my friends. Vivienne.
“[Stella McCartney] is a trailblazer. She’s created a very beautiful, super high-end fashion line without hurting animals. It’s incredible, and so difficult.
“And Stella is like family. I guess that’s my little world. Dolce & Gabbana are really cool, but I don’t like that they have fur. But they’re funny and really sweet, and very generous and really good to my boys. I have nothing bad to say about them.”

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