Nicole Kidman doesn’t ‘dabble’ with romance

ICONINSIDER — Nicole Kidman doesn’t “dabble” when it comes to relationships.
The 50-year-old actress has been happily married to Keith Urban, with whom she has Sunday, nine, and Faith, six, for 11 years but has admitted she’s always given him her everything because she prefers “intense” romances over half-hearted flings.
Speaking in the September issue of InStyle Australia, she said: “I’ve always chosen to have really deep, intense, romantic relationships. I don’t dabble.”
And it wasn’t just marriage that came easy to Nicole – who was wed to Tom Cruise from 1990 until 2001 – as she also believes motherhood came naturally to her because she is the oldest child in her family and instantly developed a “maternal” instinct.
She explained: “I suppose the basis of who I am is maternal. I’m the oldest child in my family, which probably has a lot to do with nurturing and taking care of people.
“So, yeah, a lot of my forces are maternal. I mean, they’re romantic too. I’ve always chosen to have really deep, intense romantic relationships. I don’t dabble.
“That’s who I am, and my mother’s always said it, ‘You’re just a child who attaches.’ ”
Nicole has made no secret of the fact that she thinks the world of her family.
She said previously: “My big passion is just my family; my love. My daughter said to me, ‘You and Daddy kiss all the time.’ I thought, ‘That’s such a fantastic thing for your daughter to say to you.’ And that’s my passion. I know it’s a simple answer, but I’m deeply passionate about raising my children and being with my husband.”

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