Miranda Kerr exercises for 30 minutes every morning

ICONINSIDER — Miranda Kerr exercises for 30 minutes every morning.
The 34-year-old model believes in doing everything “in moderation”, and though she works out regularly and eats food in their “most natural state” she will also indulge in tasty treats “10 per cent” of the time.
Speaking about her healthy lifestyle and the secret to maintaining a slender frame, the brunette beauty said: “I eat foods in their most natural state. I do believe in moderation though and try to live by the 80 per cent fresh and healthy, 20 per cent indulgence rule.
“As for exercise, I start the day with at least 20 to 20 minutes of exercise.”
And the catwalk icon – who has six-year-old son Flynn with her former partner Orlando Bloom – enjoys taking part in yoga and pilates sessions, and will regularly undertake resistance training, as well as regular walks with her pet pooch Teddy.
She explained: “I like yoga, Pilates swimming, resistance training, skipping and walking our dog, Teddy.”
But the style icon has revealed she will alternate her fitness regime ahead of a photoshoot so she can target “specific” problem areas.
She added: “If I have a shoot coming up I target certain specific areas. I just try to keep active and walk as much as possible.”
Miranda – who co-founded her skincare brand Kora Organics in 2009 – has admitted the fashion and beauty industry is brutal as there is a “lot of rejection” in the business.
Speaking about the downfalls of her career, she said: “I work in an industry where there is a lot of rejection before success.”
But the Australian star has taught herself to be thick-skinned and not to take negative comments to heart.
She told Red magazine: “So I had to learn at a young age to believe in myself and try my best not to take it personally”.

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