Mark Wright’s management fibs

ICONINSIDER — Mark Wright lied about having a manager to “conquer” America.
The former ‘Only Way is Essex’ star caught the eye of agent John Ferriter when he claimed on the red carpet that he was his new representative Stateside – but the businessman hadn’t even heard of him at that point.
Speaking on US podcast ‘Brits In The Wood’, which airs this week, John explained how he came to sign up 30-year-old Mark – who was revealed last week to have landed a job hosting ‘Extra’ after impressing with a recent guest stint on the celebrity news show – to his books.
He said: “I found out some guy called Mark Wright had announced on a red carpet that he was going to conquer America and that I was his new manager. So I called him up. He answered the call and was like, ‘Who is this?’ I was like, ‘It’s your manager, Mark’. And that’s how I met him.”
But despite being over-confident, John saw the funny side and admired his front.
He added: “He [Mark] was like, ‘Well somebody told me they were going to set up a meeting’. I said not to worry about it. I like the fact you were like, ‘I’m doing this!'”
It’s understood that John helped Mark get his full-time presenting gig having promised bosses “all the charm of Mario Lopez and all the drive of Ryan Seacrest”.
Mark recently admitted he is “honoured” to have landed the Stateside job, which will see him sit down with the world’s biggest stars, and has thanked producer Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey for giving him a meeting and a chance to impress her when he’s virtually unknown in the US.
He said: “I feel so honoured to be given a job on such a massive show in America, interviewing the biggest stars in the world, and working alongside Mario Lopez who I watched and loved growing up. Lisa G, the boss at ‘Extra’, didn’t know me before meeting her. I asked for a meeting, and she believed in me from seeing my showreel. She gave me a chance by allowing me to interview Mariah Carey and from that she has now given me this amazing opportunity to work on the show full time.
“It’s all a bit surreal. The UK will always be my home, but right now America is the path that has opened up for me, and I have to follow that.”

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