Mark Wright says new presenting role is ‘surreal’

ICONINSIDER — Mark Wright admits his new life in the US is “surreal”.
The 30-year-old star has relocated to Los Angeles, where he’s become part of the new presenting team on the American entertainment news show ‘Extra’, and Mark conceded he is currently living a dream.
He explained: “Interviewing Mariah Carey was weird. The likes of James [Corden], Jamie Foxx, Lily James, it has all been completely surreal.
“Even working with an American film crew in LA was surreal in itself and working on a show like ‘Extra’. The first time I went down to the set to watch how it all works, I saw Mario [Lopez] and it was surreal.”
Mark also revealed he welcomes the opportunity to interview the biggest names in the entertainment business, even if it leaves him feeling very nervous.
Speaking to MailOnline, Mark shared: “I wouldn’t be afraid of being star-struck but I believe it makes me perform better. I’m excited going into the interview and I stay excited for it.
“You can see in my face that I’m into it, intrigued and that I’m standing across from Mariah Carey, staring her in the eyes, calling my name, it’s surreal.”
And Mark said that his wife, actress Michelle Keegan, is “proud” of his latest career move.
The former ‘TOWIE’ star explained: “Of course she’s always proud of everything I do, and I’m always proud of everything she does.
“She probably feels the same way I do, like ‘Wow what an opportunity’. She’s touched by it.”

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