Marcel Somerville proud of Blazin’ Squad’s music

ICONINSIDER — Marcel Somerville believes Blazin’ Squad’s music has stood the test of time.
The 31-year-old rapper was just 16 when he found fame with the group and he believes that some of their biggest hits could be successful today.
He told The Observer magazine: “It’s quite touching to think that a new generation of kids are listening to our tunes and still like them. You’d think some songs would get dated, but Flip Reverse and Crossroads, they’ll be able to stand the test of time.”
And Marcel believes one reason he never went off the rails is because the band were surrounded by a good team.
He said: “It was crazy. It could go to your head, but we always had good people around us. You couldn’t really go to the shops or anything, so we’d be at our homes, writing songs. It did take over our lives.”
Marcel recently found fame again on ‘Love Island’ and has said there is a possibility that Blazin’ Squad, who disbanded in 2009, will release new material this year.
He said: “There’s a possibility of a little thing happening.”
But, although the group have been talking about making a comeback, the 31-year-old hunk – who was known as Rocky B Plat’num during the band’s heyday – doesn’t know if he’ll rejoin them completely as he wants to see what comes from his ‘Love Island’ success.
He explained: “I haven’t agreed to anything yet but I probably will turn up. A few of the boys came to the airport when we arrived back from Majorca.
“They were like, ‘Marce, there’s so much stuff on the table man’. I was like, ‘Alright – let me see this stuff first and we will go from there.’ ”

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