Marc Jacobs is ‘never aware’ what direction his fashion collection will take

ICONINSIDER — Marc Jacobs is “never aware” of the direction his fashion collection will go in when he is working on a new line.
The 54-year-old fashion designer has recently revealed his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, which features Biz Markie, LL Cool J and Salt-N-Peppa in the campaign, and the mogul has admitted the “weird thing” with his creative process is that he doesn’t know what he is “actually feeling” when he is in the midst of designing a new range until he looks back over the development of his designs.
Speaking to, he said: “You asked me what excites me today. It’s this. I guess that’s the weird thing in the way that I am never aware of what it is that we’re actually feeling while working on a collection–but in retrospect, you see. The show worked, and it obviously struck a chord with people outside of our little design room who are feeling that too.
“We’re always working toward something, but we don’t really know what that is. It takes shape based on all of the things that are of interest, that feel good, sound good, look good. It’s just through the process that everything becomes distilled into what seems to be a story.”
The American star believes it is a “very weird time” in the fashion business because he feels “disconnected” to everything except for the Internet.
He explained: “It’s a very weird time. I feel disconnected, like I don’t see anything in this day other than the Internet as being a thing. I feel out of touch with what today really looks like. But that’s the thing.”
But it wasn’t until Marc rediscovered his love for gold jewellery, and watched Darby Wheeler’s documentary ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ he felt inspired.
He said: “Watching it brought back that whole moment and how cool people looked, and I thought about people I knew back in those days–Debi Mazar and different people around New York–and how that style infiltrated their style in some way.
“You walk in here and see [music video director] Hype [Williams] and all this, and how happy people are, and it’s worth it.
“I was going to rock clubs, but I remember becoming aware of hip-hop and its influence on other music, of Blondie doing ‘Rapture,’ and the style of the way people looked. It felt so casual, but it was such a specific, decisive choice, like all of a sudden there was this sharpness that came out of casual clothes.”

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