Luc Besson thinks Captain America is American propaganda

ICONINSIDER — Luc Besson thinks ‘Captain America’ is just American propaganda.
The 58-year-old French filmmaker recently helmed the poorly received ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ – starring Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan -, and has admitted he is getting tired of the superhero franchise and is “lost”.
Speaking to CinePOP, the filmmaker said: “I’m totally tired of it. I mean, it was great 10 years ago when we saw the first ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Iron Man’.
“But now, it’s like number five, six, seven; the superhero is working with another superhero, but it’s not the same family. I’m lost.
“But what bothers me most is it’s always here to show the supremacy of America and how they are great.
“I mean, which country in the world would have the guts to call a film ‘Captain Brazil’ or ‘Captain France’?
“I mean, no one! We would be like so ashamed and say ‘no, no, come on, we can’t do that’. They can. They can call it ‘Captain America’ and everybody thinks it normal.
“I’m not here for propaganda, I’m here to tell a story.”
Despite his latest film being poorly received by fans and critics alike, the ‘Fifth Element’ filmmaker recently admitted he wants to make a sequel.
Asked if he’d make another ‘Valerian’ film, he said: “Yeah, I will sign tomorrow. I would love to. We had so much fun with Cara and Dane. I think the three of us will sign tomorrow if we can do another one or two.
“Because they’re cops, every film is an adventure. There’s a problem, there’s a killer, there’s something we have to discover the truth and you can do 20 films like this, it’s like ‘Starsky and Hutch’ in space.
“Every episode is a new trial. And you’re not linked by the first one, the link is just the two characters, so it could be totally different. It’s more difficult when you have something like ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Transformers’, as it’s always the same kind of thing, and you can’t explode the thing. Here you can. You can do something totally different, which I like.”

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