Liam Gallagher previews new song For What It’s Worth

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher has teased he’s set to release new song ‘For What It’s Worth’ later this week.
The 44-year-old rocker took to Twitter on Wednesday morning (09.08.17) to share a clip of himself in the studio singing the track A Capella.
In the short video, the producer on the mixing desk tells Liam: “That was a really good one, he we go last one.
Then the ‘Wall of Glass’ singer belts out: “In my defence all my intentions were good. And heaven holds a place somewhere for the misunderstood. You know I’d give you blood if it be enough.
“Devils on my doorstep since the day I was born, it’s hard to find a sunset in an eye of a storm. But I’m a dreamer by design and I know in time we’ll put this behind.”
Alongside the post, he wrote: “‘For What It’s Worth’… LG x (sic)”
It comes after Liam dropped the news that he’ll be releasing the next track from his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ this week.
On Monday (07.08.17), he wrote: “New music coming this week. As you were. LG x (sic)”
The former Oasis frontman uses the micro-blogging site to give his fans updates on his record and previously unveiled the entire track-listing on the app.
So far, Liam has released lead single ‘Wall of Glass’ and ‘Chinatown’ from the 12-track album.
Meanwhile, Liam recently said that he would rather get a job at fast food chain McDonald’s than reunite Oasis with his brother and bitter rival Noel Gallagher, 50.
Liam fumed: “I’d rather f****** work in McDonald’s mate or get hit by a f****** 18-wheeler at 100 miles an hour, than bring my band and put it in that world.”
However, the ‘Songbird’ songwriter is confident that Noel will like ‘As You Were’ because he is a “music lover” despite them being at each other’s throats.
He told Radio X: “Oh yeah, of course he will have. And as a music lover he’ll like it. And he’ll come out and say it like a good boy. He’ll go, ‘That’s a good f***ing album’. But deep down he’ll be f***ing going, ‘That little f***er’, you know what I mean?
“I’m definitely not on his level, he’s a far better songwriter than me, because he’s been doing it for years. But as a singer, that’s my gig man.”
Liam also recently admitted the ‘Some Might Say’ rockers – who split up in August 2009 following on-stage bust-up at a show in Paris – wouldn’t have worked with “two Noels or two Liams”.
He says the constant clashing is what made the Britpop group so legendary.
And Liam even confessed to leaving his sibling to do most of the “graft”, including writing the songs, while he lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, however he says that is what was key to their success.

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